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If the rainy season is here, are your perimeter drains clear? Perimeter and driveway drains act like gutters – if you don’t clean them out, they overflow. They need to be cleaned regularly to prevent property damage from storm water flooding.

Video inspection will confirm that drains are running free and clear. Our line or pipe camera is operated by an experienced technician, who can: identify the location of cracked or broken pipes; determine whether the slope of a pipe impedes water drainage; and, locate tree roots that block drainage and cause damage. We also specialize in clearing blocked toilets, sinks, bathtubs, laundry and floor drains.

  • If you’re thinking of buying a home, avoid expensive repairs and have the perimeter drain and sewer line inspected to ensure they’re in good operating condition.
  • Have us locate your sewer line to determine that enough depth permits installation of a new bathroom.
  • We recommend maintenance drain cleaning now, so your perimeter drains are in top condition for the winter.